EGL Fashion Resources and Links

Elegant Gothic Lolita (EGL for short) is a Japanese street fashion that originated in the district of Harajuku. It takes inspiration from kawaii culture, Rococo, Victorian, goth, and punk fashion. It is now a global subculture that has communities in many parts of the world. People of all genders, sizes, ages, and ethnicities can participate in the fashion.

The best way to see what’s happening in the fashion right now is to follow people who wear it on social media. You can find EGL fashion fans on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Amino, and more. Try searching for tags like “lolitafashion” “eglfashion” or “eglcommunity”.

Lolita 101

Lolita Fashion Explained in 5 Minutes by Lovely Lor

A Brief History of Lolita Fashion by The Stitchess 

FYeahLolita’s What is Lolita?

Lolita History (database of magazine scans)

Lolibrary (database of items released by lolita brands)

Plus Size Lolita Crash Course by Magical Girl Me Part One, Part Two

Who is wearing the fashion?

Fluffy Kawaii Jo’s Kawaii Influencer List

Frill talk with Marina Kei

Where can I learn more?

Lolita Updates Facebook Group (brand release info)

Rufflechat Facebook Group (discussions about the fashion)

Okei!!! Podcast (general j-fashion topics with lolita guests)

BAK BAK (indie j-fashion designer interview series)

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