The Black Ribbon’s Victorian Garden Waist – Indie Brand Review

Bay Area Kei’s latest event, Gramarye: The Resurrection featured a vendor marketplace full of spooky releases for Halloween. Naturally, I purchased the least gothic item you could imagine: a gorgeous waist cincher perfect for my classic lolita dreams.

The Black Ribbon

I’ve written before about the San Francisco based indie brand the Black Ribbon, which makes quirky dresses, elegant accessories, stunning kimonos and everything in between. I’ve purchased many items from them and their pieces definitely some of my favorites.

Ever since cottagecore became a thing, I’ve been keeping an eye out for a decorative corset/bodice. So I was delighted when the Black Ribbon teased the “Victorian Garden Waist“, a decorative waist in a thick, almost upholstery looking fabric. The Black Ribbon did two rounds of releases with this fabric. The first release was a few weeks before Gramarye which only had two sizes. The second release was the Friday of Gramarye. I wasn’t fast enough the first time around, but in the second release I managed to snag a size medium waist. The Black Ribbon’s Big Cartel shop has a simple cart system that’s super easy to navigate and within minutes I had confirmation of my purchases.

Three hours after I made my purchase, I had an email confirming shipping. The Black Ribbon ships fast! My package arrived safely to Los Angeles on Monday October 11.

Victorian Garden Waist

The waist is decorative, tapestry floral print on one side and a solid cotton lining on the other. It’s trimmed with two kinds of ivory cotton lace along the seams. There are four sets of lacing holes that are threaded with a light green double faced satin ribbon. It is lightly boned, though this garment isn’t meant for tight lacing or heavy shaping. The garment is impeccably crafted, which I’ve come to love and expect from my Black Ribbon items. The medium sits right on my waist, so it doesn’t run into a petticoat. I love the shape and effect it gives to this Innocent World JSK!

While this piece is wildly out of season, I cannot wait to wear it. I’m now one step closer to blending into your grandmother’s couch and curtains!

You can find the Black Ribbon at their website, which has links to their shop and social media. The Black Ribbon is also part of the Bay Area Kei and helps put on their virtual events!

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