Celebrating International Lolita Day (if you don’t have anyone to party with)

Twice a year, Japanese fashion fans celebrate International Lolita Day (ILD), on the first Saturday of December and June. Often communities will come together to host large events like tea parties, or friends will get together to have an intimate gathering.

Sometimes though, whether there’s a global pandemic raging or simply an unfortunate work schedule, we can’t always celebrate ILD with others. Here are 5 ideas for enjoying the day on your own.

  1. Read an indie lolita zine or blog.

    I know the obvious advice is to read the manga or novel Kamikaze Girls and that is a fun idea! However, I think that supporting people currently making art and content for the community is important. Check out Just Below the Knee (which has a new issue in the works), Dentelles Lolita Zine, or .

  2. Do some TLC on your wardrobe.

    If you’re anything like me, you probably have a small “to fix” pile in your room, with buttons that need to be reattached, bows that need to be tacked down, and holes that need to be mended. Take a an hour to knock out those projects so you can wear those pieces again!

  3. Support your favorite indie brand.

    Indie brands appreciate your orders, but you don’t have to spend money to support them. Tag them in a post, share their new product release, leave a review on Etsy, brag about your favorite piece to a friend. (If you don’t have a favorite indie brand,┬ácheck out these awesome brands.)

  4. Make sure that you’re cultivating diverse content on your social media feed.

    Kawaii is for everyone, but historically it’s publications have valued pale, thin feminine bodies. There are people of all genders, ages, and body types who enjoy lolita fashion. Having social media feed that reflects that the diversity of people who wear not only uplifts artists and creatives who haven’t been historically represented, but it also gives everyone more kickass inspiration for their own coordinates. If you’re looking for places to start, you can check out Marinakei’s Frill Talk on YouTube, Fluffy Kawaii Jo’s Kawaii Influencer List, and Black Lolita Community on IG.

  5. Tell your favorite lolita creative person you love their stuff.

    Making art, writing a blog, and even putting a coordinate photo on Instagram is a really nerve wracking experience. Sometimes it can feel like yelling into a void, hoping for someone to yell back. Getting a positive comment or message about something you’ve created can make all the difference. So leave on a comment on your favorite YouTubers latest video! Say something nice on your favorite creator’s latest Instagram post! And maybe tell your favorite blogger their content is neat. They’ll appreciate the sentiment.

How are you celebrating International Lolita Day? I’d love to hear about your plans!

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