5 gifts you can still get for Christmas for the lolita in your life

Well, here we are, 10 days before Christmas and you’re still looking for a gift for the elegant gothic lolita in your life. Luckily, there’s still some things that you can snag in time for December 25.

Luxe hangers

Lolita fashion fans are usually spending their hard earned cash on Japanese brand, not other parts of their closet. Your lolita would definitely appreciate some nice hangers to use for their wardrobe. I like these velvet hangers (and matching skirt hangers) in pink on Amazon, but if you don’t shop at Amazon, local department stores including Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Kohls, and Costco near me also had a variety of colors. Velvet hangers mean that the clothes won’t fall off the hanger, and a matching set will make their wardrobe a cut above.

Kamizake Girls (Manga)

If your lolita has a smart phone (which, duh, of course they do), then they can have a little piece of EGL history with them forever. Comixology has a digital version of the comic available through their app. Honestly, you know that the best Christmas gift is one where the recipient ignores you for the rest of the night.

Hand steamer

These inexpensive bad boys will take your lolita’s sad, wrinkled clothes from drab to fab. While industrial steamers are incredible, small travel steamers mean that your lolita can take your gift to conventions or tea parties far away. Once again, I have this model shown here at Amazon, but you can find steamers at major department stores.

Tea wallet

Feeling crafty? Tea wallets won’t take you very long to make and they’re easy to personalize with cute fabric and your lolita’s favorite tea. Plus, they’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness of a handmade gift.

Gift cards

When in doubt, grab a gift card. No matter where you are in the world, your lolita can have the gift from their favorite Japanese or indie brand (and you can print it the day before Christmas. It’s okay, we won’t tell.) Chose from any of the following:

Angelic Pretty USA offers gift cards for online purchases from $25. They sell Angelic Pretty, a Japanese lolita brand.

Angelic Pretty Paris offers gift cards for online purchases from $50.

The Lolita Collective offers gift cards for online or in person purchases from $25. They sell a variety of indie lolita and kawaii items.

Kuroshiro Kawaii offers gift cards for online purchases from $25. They sell a variety of kawaii, lolita, and gothic items, including Japanese brands.

The Kei Collective offers gift cards for online purchases for any amount. They sell indie art, apparel, and accessories, including gothic and kawaii inspired items.

Harajuku Hearts offers gift cards for online purchases from $50. They sell a variety of Japanese brands.


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