Wax Poetic – Mourning Jewelry – Indie Brand Review

Wax Poetic is one of my favorite US indie brands. I’ve written about them before but I keep buying things from them, so I guess I need to keep talking about them! Their releases are consistently the perfect blend of vintage and modern design that make it perfect with my classic lolita wardrobe. They’ve been teasing a new item recently that sent my heart a flutter: mourning jewelry. 

Victorian mourning jewelry often featured the hair of a deceased loved one, woven into an intricate pattern inside a locket with a glass pane. True vintage pieces of hair jewelry do exist, but they’re pretty expensive and hard to find. 

Wax Poetic has substituted a deceased loved one’s hair with artificial hair, bringing down the price considerably. The designs mimic existing pieces, so they look like the real deal. I knew I had to get one! 

I missed the first release on March 8, but managed to snag one during the release on March 29. My piece was shipped super fast and arrived in Los Angeles on April 1. The necklace arrived in a bubble mailer, wrapped in bubble wrap on a thin paper backing. The chain was secured in a small jewelry bag so it didn’t get tangled in transit. 

My piece was a “pocket watch” style design on a 21 inch chain with pearls set into it. The metal is a warm brass, not a bright gold color. The wide window shows off the woven hair work (mine is mixed blond and brown, though other options are available. The pendant is large enough that it’s eye catching, though not a “statement piece” if that makes sense. I think it will look fantastic on a high neck blouse with some brooches as an accent. 

Once again, Wax Poetic has knocked it out of the park with a perfect design for classic lolitas. Whether you’re looking for a wax rosette or a piece of reproduction mourning jewelry, Wax Poetic puts out high quality pieces that are always exactly what I’m looking for. 

You can find Wax Poetic on Instagram and Etsy

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