An ode to my favorite pair of lolita shoes

Oh Fluevog! Footwear ideal,

Great shoe maker in the north.

Your sturdy soles and quirky heel

Exemplify your worth.


Though your colors may seem

Lurid, gauche, crude, or vile

To us, they’re like a dream

We love what others revile


Queen of all other pairs

Lady Malibran reigns above

None others can compare

She fits like a glove.


O! Malibran! I hope to be ever in your favor

I know my love will never waver!

Since I did a March Madness bracket dedicated to my shoes, it will come as no surprise that I have a favorite pair of shoes.

Fluevog shoes aren’t everyone’s jam, but I fell hard for a pair called “Malibran.” The rounded toe and slight heel gave it the perfect, elevated look for classic lolita. The simplicity of the design meant that I could wear them for any style. The leather stitching added the perfect subtle details

When I slipped my feet inside, I knew these shoes were destined to become workhorses, in and out of lolita. They come in a shocking array of colors, and because they’re leather, they’ll last a long time. While they are expensive, these shoes have been worn so many times that I have no regrets.


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