6 ways to make sure your headwear stays put

Lolita fashion has a reputation for being fussy and uncomfortable. And let’s face it, there are definitely days where putting on a petticoat, bloomers, blouse, dress, wig, hat, socks, and shoes just isn’t worth it. However, you can take steps to make sure your coordinate is hassle free by using your head. Here are 6 ways to make sure that your headpiece stays right where you want it.

While your headwear may come with a method of securing it, it’s not always the most effective. You can always modify or add additional methods to make sure it works for you.

Hair clips (alligator clips)

This headdress is secured with alligator clips (and a tie under my hair).

These bad boys can be found on headdresses, bows, two way brooches, and more. They’re easy to use, easy to install if you need to modify some headwear, and you can buy them at most drug stores or beauty supply stores. They work with wigs and natural hair. They aren’t the best choice for hats, but they’re a great option for many pieces. I keep a collection in my crafting stash so that I can DIY brooches into hair cips!

Hair combs

Often found on small bows, inside bonnets, and inside hats, combs work best for people with a little texture in their hair. They can work for wigs if you can place the comb into the mesh of a wig cap. This is a good option for headwear that fits secure onto the head (like a boater style hat) and it’s easy to sew them into existing pieces.

Elastic (hair ties)

This bow is attached to a hair tie.

Elastics are an easy way to attach bows or small charms to your hair. It’s easy to turn a ponytail, braid, or twin tail into something cuter by adding a decorative elastic. Personally, I find using elastic bows a little tricky because you have to take into account which way the bow will end when you’ve secured your hair. It’s also very easy to DIY an elastic with a bow, charm, and a little hot glue.

Elastic (for hats)

Not to be confused with elastic hair ties, elastic on a hat is used to keep your hat on your head by securing under/behind your hair. It helps to have thicker or textured hair to make sure that the elastic has something to grab onto. Though you may see elastic on the sides of the head, you can do some careful styling to hide it. Elastic is easy to add to hat with just a needle and thread (look for “round hat elastic if you can.)

Hat pin

While this hat has a tie under my hair, it’s also secured with hat pins.

Decorative and functional, hat pins have been used for hundreds of years to keep your hat from falling off. It’s best to use them with self healing fabric because you will be making a hole in the hat to secure it. Hat pins are easy to find in vintage or antique stores and can be a cute accessory on their own! Make sure to get a cap for the end so you don’t poke your fellow tea party attendees.


Often used in headdress and hats, ties are a simple tried and true way to keep things on your head. You can tie under the chin for some extra detail on the front of your coord. Alternatively, tie under your hair in the back to keep the front of your coordinate uncluttered. If you have a large hat and a particularly windy day, it’s probably best to secure your head piece with an additional method, like a hat pin. To DIY ties, get a length of thin grosgrain or satin ribbon. Then sew it to the inside of the hat. Make sure to leave enough length to make a bow in the front or the back of your head. 

What’s your favorite way to secure headwear?


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