Fanime Elegant Fashion Show 2023 – Event Report

This year, I traveled up to San Jose to help staff the J-fashion department at Fanime Con. In addition to staffing, hosting events, and running panels, I also modeled in the Elegant Fashion, an event which deserved it’s own separate post.

Eat Me Ink Me

Once again, I had the pleasure of modeling, this time for European brand Eat Me Ink Me. Designer Ze sent me inspiration beforehand that included medieval and Renaissance fashion. I’m not sure if Ze knew this beforehand, but Renaissance fashion is one of my great loves. I was very excited to be wearing the Julietta OP, which featured adjustable sleeves that were tied around the shoulder and arm. The dress was regal and over the top and I felt like an absolute princess.

Eat Me Ink Me was a remote designer, which meant that they didn’t come to Fanime in person. Ze chatted with all the models ahead of time, but it was different to see the dresses in person. We had momentary panic when some of the models couldn’t find their matching hair accessories, but they had been tucked into the pockets of the dresses! I also had to have some help with my dress, which featured about 10 different ties on the chest, neck, and arms. Definitely a dress that called for a ladies’ maid!

Calling all models

Models had two call times to allow everyone a chance to walk the runway, use the dressing rooms to change into their looks, and do any touches to their hair or make-up. My call time was at 10 AM, so I had several hours to kill until the show started. For me time flew by as a chatted with other models, took some dumb selfies, helped people get coordinate shots with the nice lights, and assisted the non-model staff with keeping things running smoothly.

We also took full advantage of the Fanime photographers, who provided coverage both before and during the show. Every model got a few shots with the photographers in front of the good lights. They’re still posting photos to their social media at the time of this post, so keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for additional pictures of the event.

By the time the audience was seated, models were anxiously waiting backstage. It was standing room only, with people being turned away at the door. Even after doubling the size of the room from last year, it’s clear that there is a ton of interest in the fashion shows at Fanime, which is exciting for our department! All the models walked, then everyone changed out of their looks while the designers did a Q&A with the audience.

Fashion is better with friends

When I got to the front of house, I realized that my friends had been in the audience the whole time and snagged some photos for me! They weren’t j-fashion fans, so it was a nice surprise to see them. While they were there to support me, I wasn’t their favorite look. Behold, the model(s) that stole the show:

Once again, I had a delightful time modeling in the Fanime fashion show. Getting to meet designers, getting to see the clothes up close and personal, and getting to hang out with all the models makes my weekend so much more memorable!

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