Three fun drinks to serve at your next summer tea party

In the northern hemisphere, we’re in the middle of summer. Here in Los Angeles, we’re in the middle of a scorching heat wave. Frankly the idea of a lolita tea party with hot tea sounds like a nightmare. But if you’re planning a summer soirée you have to have something fun to serve to your guests. Here are three drink ideas to treat your guests to a cool treat.

Iced buttefly pea flower tea

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Tea with butterfly pea flowers will turn a deep shade of blue, which makes it an eye catching addition to your tea party. As an additional party trick, adding acid, like a squeeze of lemon, will make the tea change from blue to magenta. Serve in clear glasses over ice with sliced lemons so your guests can make their own magic potion.

Want to make this drink alcoholic? Try adding a botanical gin.

Herbal sodas

Making your own simple syrup is very easy and you can infuse it with any flavors you’d like. For an unusual treat, try making lavender, rosemary, or even basil simple syrup and add club soda. To infuse your simple syrup, add equal parts water and sugar, plus your herb, and bring to a boil. Allow your syrup to cool and strain out your herbs.

If you don’t have an herb garden to harvest, you can often find “living herbs” sold in the produce section of your grocery store. Not only are these flavors hard to find in commercial markets, but your guests can make their drinks as sugary as they’d like. Enjoy this drink over ice and top with a herb sprig for a fancy garnish, or freeze edible flowers or herbs into ice cubes.

Want to make it alcoholic? Add vodka.

Watermelon slush

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Melons are abundant in the summer, so it only makes sense to give them a chance to shine. One watermelon will make a large batch of this drink, so it’s perfect for a big group. Cut a watermelon into cubes and freeze. Combine with mint, lime juice, and simple syrup or honey if desired. The result is a refreshing drink that is best enjoyed with a wide boba straw and lots of friends.

Want to make it alcoholic? Try adding white rum.

What’s your favorite fancy summer drink?


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