Holiday gift guide for the lolita fashion fan in your life, 2023 edition

Despite our detailed wishlists and dream dresses, most lolitas have been the victim of well meaning but misinformed gift giving. This year, give your lolita the gift of something they really want.

If you’re a lolita, you can slide this list into the DMs of your sweetheart, send it to your dad in an email, or print out a copy to give to grandma. They’ll get the hint.

These lists are are intended for those who are unsure or a little new to the world of lolita fashion. They also don’t require you to know your lolita’s size or measurements. None of these suggestions will require a shopping service, just a credit card and basic online shopping knowledge.

Gothic Lolita

If their closet is mostly black with some red, white, or blue thrown in, their accessories are mostly bats, coffins, and crosses, and their favorite brand is something with a bunch of M’s in the name, your lolita is probably into gothic lolita! Look for black colors and spooky motifs and they’ll be elated.

T-shirt from Syrah Victoria

On days when frills are just too much, your gothic lolita will appreciate the spooky art of Syrah Victoria, especially “The Vampyre Lovers” t-shirt.

Junyvette Headdress

These old school style headdresses will work for most lolita’s wardrobe but they’ll look particularly good in a gothic wardrobe. It’s hard to go wrong with black.

Beloved Coffin Bag

This collaboration between Korean brands Haenuli and Iris Garden caught the lolita fashion world by storm earlier this year, particularly this coffin purse. The snap open detail is really cool and Haenuli’s haunting art is great on every piece she makes. The Lolita Collective still has some of this collection in stock, so grab it while you can!

Classic Lolita

If their closet is is cream, navy, brown, or maroon, their accessories are mostly vintage brooches from antique stores, and their favorite dress makes them look like your grandmother’s wallpaper, your lolita is probably into classic lolita! Look for neutrals, earth tones, navy, or maroon colors and historical motifs and they’ll be elated.

Wax Poetic Necklace

I know I won’t shut up about this brand but I think it’s perfect for classic lolitas. I think that their wax seal or mourning necklaces are cool, but their new crystal drop necklaces are a great addition to any classic wardrobe!

Art print or mug from Tono

Japanese artist artist Tono has done amazing collaborations with Royal Princess Alice this year, but for Christmas you can shop their tee public shop for print on demand items. An art print or mug would be great for any classic lolita.

Apron from Violet Fane

Honestly as a classic lolita I’d be delighted to receive either one of the aprons from Violet Fane at the Lolita Collective, so it mostly comes down to your budget!

Sweet Lolita

If their closet is mostly pastels, their dresses have lots of sweets and cute characters, and their favorite brand is something about Angels or maybe Babies(?), your lolita is probably into sweet lolita! Look for pink, lavender, or mint colors, and cute motifs and they’ll be elated.

Resin necklace from Txarrot Otsoa Originals

Txarra Otsoa Originals has so many cool items in their shop, but I love their resin necklaces. Pick a color and motif that goes with your lolita’s wardrobe, or commission one for a specific dress.

Stationery from Candiirabbit

It’s hard to pick just one item in Candiirabbit’s shop, but their collection of cute stickers would make great stocking stuffers!

Old School Bear Heart Shoulder Bag from the Lolita Collective

Undoubtedly your sweet lolita would love a bunny bear from Baby the Stars Shine Bright. However, those can be a little pricey and hard to find. This cute bag from the Lolita Collective features original art, plus it’ll fit more than a single chapstick.

What’s on your wishlist this year?



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