6 super last minute gifts you can still get for the Japanese fashion fan in your life, 2023 edition

If you don’t have a gift with less than a week to go before Christmas, you might think you’re out of luck when it comes to gifting for someone who loves lolita fashion (or any alternative Japanese fashion). Luckily, I’ve got some suggestions you can still get in time for December 25!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, these are mostly going to be experiences or intangible gifts, which means you’re going to have to get a little creative in order to have something for them to unwrap. For maximum impact, try this:

  • Get a festive card.
  • Actually plan the outing or experience. Be specific when giving your gift. (“I’m taking you on a trip to that themed cafe you talked about! I was thinking next Saturday, does that date sound good?”) This may mean purchasing a gift card, picking out a date, or making a reservation. Do not skip this step. It isn’t a gift if your giftee has to do the planning. Check to make sure that reservations can be changed or that your dates are flexible.
  • Print your gift card, a picture of the location, or simply write out the activity you have carefully planned in your card. Make sure you encourage your giftee to dress up and offer to take photos of their outfit!

A day at museum with your classic lolita.

“natural history museum” by mikelo is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

An art museum, natural history museum, or a local historical society would all be good choices, but honestly, any museum is likely to have some great photo opportunities for a classic lolita. Secure the tickets (or get a membership), and pick a date so that all your giftee has to do is show up and look good!

A night out at an atmospheric bar with your gothic lolita.

“moody” by billibala is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Whether it’s goth night at a local bar or a trip to a themed bar in a big city, your gothic lolita will appreciate being able to dress up for the occasion. Remember that a black collared shirt and black pants will make you into the perfect accessory for the evening (and your gothic lolita won’t have to edit you out of their photos when they post them later).

A date at a cute café with your sweet lolita.

While high tea at a fancy hotel or tea house would be an amazing gesture, spending a morning at a cute café is also high up on a sweet lolita’s wishlist. Look for a place with croissants, macarons, pink drinks, or boba.

An original portrait of their favorite outfit drawn by an artist.

Commissioning art guarantees that your giftee will receive something truly one of a kind. If you’re not sure which outfit they’d like to have immortalized, you can always make arrangements with the artist that your giftee will provide a photo after they’ve received your gift. Make sure that once the piece is finished, you have it framed! There are so many artists who offer commissions, so if you need help getting started here are some artists I’ve written about before.

A silhouette portrait by Cut Arts.

Lolita fashion has a dramatic silhouette, so what better way to capture it than to have a silhouette artist cut an original portrait. This studio has two options, a 10 minute live zoom session and a non synchronous photo cutting service for the same price. These are just headshots, so make sure your j-fashion fan has their biggest headdress or bonnet on for the occasion!

A photo session with a dedicated photographer.

 All j-fashion fans are happy to get photos on their phone. However, they will be elated to have a photographer who is there just for them. If your giftee is going to a convention or event, you can check to see whether photographers are offering photo packages on Facebook or Discord. Of course we don’t need an event as an excuse to dress up! You can check for local photographers in your area, or a site like Shoott or Snappr. While a studio shoot would be ideal, an outdoor shoot in a garden or cute location are also great. Just check to make sure your photographer is okay doing a fashion session!


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