Endings and Beginnings – Goodbye to Wunderwelt Libre

End of an Era

After seven years, Wunderwelt’s blog, Wunderwelt Libre will no longer be updating. Though the site should remain online, there will be no more blog posts after July 12. While I was only a part of the site for about three years, I’m sad to see an online publication close it’s doors. So this is goodbye.

It also left me in a particularly strange situation. I started writing with Wunderwelt because they offered compensation to their contributors. I never bothered to set up my own blog because I didn’t know if anyone would care about what I had to say about j-fashion. With the closure of Wunderwelt Libre, I found myself without a virtual home for my writing.  But over the years I’ve gotten a lot of joy out of writing about events, brands, and my thoughts on lolita fashion.

Beginning again

With all that in mind, I’m beginning again. This blog will be a continuation of the work I did for Wunderwelt. Here you’ll find posts about brands I like, services I use, events I attend, and general thoughts about j-fashion. I hope that those of you who found me through Wunderwelt will continue to enjoy what I write, and those of you who haven’t read my posts feel welcome.

In an effort to preserve the work I did for Wunderwelt, I’ll occasional include posts that appeared first on their blog. I hope that Wunderwelt Libre continues to exist as a resource for EGL fashions, but in case it doesn’t, I’ll have my posts archived here.

Since this is an a goodbye and a new start, I’ll end at the beginning.

Hi, I’m Jenna. I wear EGL fashion, with a definite focus on historically inspired classic. I love Innocent World and western independent brands. When I’m feeling confident, I also sew clothing. In addition to wearing and sewing, I enjoying writing. You can find three years of my writing about j-fashion at Wunderwelt Libre and read my non-fiction and fiction about j-fashion with JBTK Zine. When I’m not writing, you can find me playing board games and video games, and hanging out with my pup, Lily.

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