JBTK Issue #3 Print Edition

Unsurprisingly, as a lolita blogger, I’m a big fan of reading stuff about my favorite fashion. Blogs, magazines, books, I love it all. So when Just Below the Knee announced a pre-order for Issue #3 of their zine, I jumped right on it.

Just Below the Knee is a lolita zine that focuses on pushing the boundaries of lolita. It features interviews, coordinates, original art, and tutorials. Oh and they’ve also featured three of my original fiction pieces. Needless to say, I’m a fan.

Hot off the Press

I already wrote about the digital edition of this issue in December 2020 and the content did not change between versions. As part of the preorder, the print version came with 3 tarot themed lolita stickers. I like the 10 of cups best!

The print version is 96 pages. It has a “perfect binding”, a glossy cover, and matte interior color pages. It’s about the size of a small paper back. The color is not as bright beautiful as a high gloss magazine page, but it’s still very easy to see coordinate details in every photo.

The fantasy edition encouraged people to imagine the intersection of dragons, princesses, and magic with lolita fashion. You’ve still got more than 90 pages of interviews, contributor submitted coordinates, two tutorials with full colors photos and original art work.

On a more personal note, one of the more rewarding things as a writer is hearing that people like my stuff. So you can imagine how warm and fuzzy I felt when E.T. Frills took me that they liked my short stories in the last JBTK. We ended up collaborating on the story that appears in Issue #3! If you’re looking for a sign to reach out to someone and make some cool art, this is it!

How to follow JBTK

You can follow JBTK on Facebook and Instagram and find digital back issues on Gumroad. You can also find their merch on Store Envy, including physical copies of issue #2.

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