Fall pumpkin manicure

Its September and thus officially the start of spooky season. Since it’s not quite time to break out the bats and tombstones, here’s a suitable manicure for the whole season of autumn. 


Step 1.

Paint your nails a neutral background color. I like light orange, but any unobtrusive color will do. 

Step 2.

Using a dotting tool, make a round half or partial circle on your nail beds. I like to start small and slowly get larger so my pumpkin doesn’t get out of hand. I aim to make them take up approximately ¾ of my nail bed. 

Step 3.

Apply quick dry top coat and allow polish to fully dry. 

Step 4.

Using white, outline white highlights on the curve of your pumpkin. I used acrylic paint to get very clean thin lines.

Step 5.

Allow white lines to dry. Repeat with black lines to define the curves of the pumpkin. Top with a cute little stem.

Step 6.

Allow black lines to dry. Top with top coat. Admire your adorable pumpkins!

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