15 Indie Brands Selling Lolita Halloween Items, Right Now

If you’re looking to create some spooky coordinates this October, it’s a good idea to make sure that you have all the needed items before the 31st. Here are 15 shops selling lolita items so you’re ready for Halloween!

Lily of the Valley (United States)

LOTV has wooden brooches with pumpkins and jack o’ lanterns in stock and ready to ship.

Cotton Candy Feet (Brazil)

Cotton Candy Feet has a spooky collection preorder going on now (although be warned, the estimated shipping date is November 15, after Halloween.)

Dandy Puppeteer (United States)

Dandy Puppeteer’s new Dandy Decoration Necklace comes in a Halloween color (although be warned, these items are made to order, with estimated time of 2-16 weeks, so they may not arrive in time for Halloween).

Whismy Kei (United States)

The Hallow-Queen collection from Whimsy Kei including ready to ship items with bats, spiders, and more.

Belladona Lolita (United States)

The Spoopy Stuff section of Belladona’s website includes necklaces, nail art, and Halloween dresses ready to ship.

Violet Fane (Spain)

Though the pre-order for Violet Fane’s new The Enchanted Town collection has closed, their ready to ship garments from older collections including the Puppet Maker and a Cult from the Sea are definitely haunting enough to warrant a Halloween coordinate! Some of their accessories, including brooches from their Vampire Hunter collection, are avaliable from the Lolita Collective in Chicago, Illinois. Additional items from older collections are also available from Atelier Pierrot.

Fractured Lace (Australia)

The Mystical Midnight collection from Fractured Lace includes witchy and fall themed jewelry, including brooches, necklaces, and earrings.

Fluffy Tori (Switzerland)

Fluffy Tori’s adorable Halloween collection features a fluffy bat mascot. Some of these items are also available through KuroShiro Kawaii in Texas.

Teja Jamilla (UK)

Any of Teja Jamilla’s gothic tights or other hand printed accessories would be perfect for Halloween coordinate but their limited edition Tarot tights are great to some mystery to any dress.

Lady Sloth (Poland)

It’s hard to choose just one of Lady Sloth’s haunted prints for Halloween, but My Spooky Macrons has items in stock and ready to ship. Some of these accessories are also available via the Lolita Collective in Chicago, Illinois.

Paradise Rose (United States)

If you’re looking for something you can wear beyond Halloween, Paradise Rose’s resin fall jewelry are perfect for any autumn coordinates.

Arrupako (United States)

This moon and stars beanie from Arrupako is perfect for adding a little witchy magic to an outfit without actually wearing a witch hat. Also avaliable at the Kei Collective in Arizona.

Mossbadger (United States)

The ¬†Mortal’s Market release from Mossbadger’s didn’t sell out immediately, so if you want some spooky earrings or coffin shaped necklaces, you can still find them on the website.

Kaneko (Russia)

Kaneko’s Pumpkin Spice Latte skirt is another great item that you could wear all fall long. There is no estimated production or shipping time, but my Kaneko dress took about 2 months to ship, so be aware you may get this skirt in November, not in time for Halloween.

The Angelic Forest (United States)

Gothic Rose JSK from the Angelic Forest is a fantastic gothic print for all year round, but the coffins lend it the perfect touch for Halloween. Their website says the dresses will ship mid October.

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