How to get a good deal on Wunderwelt

If you’re interested in EGL fashion, you’re undoubtedly aware of how expensive it can be. Luckily, the robust second hand market means that dresses can be found for a fraction of their original sale price. Two of the easiest to use second hand sites are Closetchild and Wunderwelt. Closetchild consistently has some of the lowest prices around, and their website allows for direct purchases without a Japanese address or credit card. Wunderwelt’s prices are higher, but they also sell a variety of new and used pieces that don’t appear elsewhere. So how do you get a good deal with Wunderwelt?

Benefits of shopping with Wunderwelt

I’ve talked a lot about my second hand shopping experiences, so I’m no stranger to using shopping services or looking on Mercari or Y!Japan Auctions. However, Wunderwelt does offer some benefits over secondhand marketplaces.

Direct sales and shipping

Wunderwelt does not require a shopping service or forwarding service, meaning you don’t have to pay a middle man to get your items.

High quality photos

In the world of online shopping, photos are one of the few ways that we can tell what we’re getting. Luckily, Wunderwelt has high quality clear photos of all sides of the item, including front, back, and damages. Knowing what shape the item is in definitely determines how much I’ll pay!

Clear measurements

If a print is well known, it’s pretty easy to determine it’s measurements via Lolibrary or Lacemarket. However, if a dress is rare or simply one you can’t research, it is important for the seller to list detailed measurements. Wunderwelt’s measurements are always clear and reliable. (I’d even say that they’re usually a little on the conservative side, because I’m often surprised at something being a little bigger than advertised).

So it’s clear why people might want to shop there, even with their higher price point. So how do you snag a good deal on Wunderwelt?

Wunderwelt points

Unlike other sites, Wunderwelt rewards returning shoppers with points on every purchase they make. You can also points for signing up for an account. If you’re persistent, those points add up!


About once a month, Wunderwelt offers 10% off coupons that are good for any purchase on their site. For higher priced items, this can mean pretty substantial savings.

Free shipping

A few times a year, Wunderwelt will offer free international shipping with a purchase of 20,000 yen or more. This is a great option for items like shoes or coats that might be heavier than dresses or skirts.


This is sort of a “well duh” piece of advice, but it bears repeating. Wunderwelt wants their stock to sell. If you like an item but the price is too high for you, favorite it and wait. You may miss out of on item if someone else is willing to pay their asking price, but I’ve seen items get lowered pretty frequently.


If you’re building your wardrobe and not looking for a specific dress, be flexible. You can look through your favorite brand and sort by price, seeing if anything catches your eye. You can also look through their sale category on their site to see what they have. 


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