March Madness – Shoes

It’s time for another March Madness bracketanother March Madness bracket. This time, I’m picking a topic that is just to the side of discussions of lolita fashion: shoes! As before, this is not a democracy, so you don’t get to vote in this bracket, you just get my very objective opinions about my own closet. (also, first person to make a creepy comment about shoes, feet or socks gets hurled into the sun) Let’s go. 

Our teams, in alphabetical order, are:

American Duchess Astoria

Clarks Two Strap

Demonia Mary Janes

Fluevog Aimee

Fluevog Baroque Ruben

Fluevog Caravaggio

Fluevog Kathy

Fluevog Malibrans (black and red)

You might notice a trend here. I’m a big fan of Canadian shoe brand Fluevog. While they might not be to everyone’s taste, Fluevogs are typically made with real leather, multiple colorways, and some truly wild styles. I think they work well for every style of lolita (the Malibrans in particular come in red, black, pink, lavender, mint, teal, brown, grey, olive, orange and white!)

Bracket was randomized by making a list and putting it in excel.

Elite eight

First face off: Caravaggio vs. Demonias

I know people have strong feelings about some styles of demonia. I don’t love the look of their buckle shoes in lolita fashion, but Demonias are the OG platform mary janes. Obviously, these shoes work fantastic in old school style coordinates, as well as punk and gothic. While I love my Demonias, they aren’t leather and they don’t go with many things in my wardrobe. My Caravaggios, on the other hand, a relatively recent addition, are my favorite color and give a perfect Rococo touch to classic coordinates. My winner is the Caravaggios.

Second match: American Duchess Astoria vs. Clarks Two Strap Heel

Wow talk about a heart breaking match up. While my American Duchesses are a stunning shoe, their light color and leather sole make them a special occasion shoe I don’t wear all that often. On the other hand, these no name Clarks are a work horse of my wardrobe and were one of the first pairs of shoes I got for lolita. They’re comfortable and look great with all classic coordinates. I’ve repaired the heels on both of them and I will wear them until they literally fall apart. My winner is the Clarks!

Third match: Aimee and Baroque Ruben

The Aimees were a steal on EBay, but their chunky sole and lack of heel make them a little inelegant for lolita. I do wear them for casual or frumpy coordinates, but they’re a little redundant with my Clarks. On the other hand, these amazing Vogs are the perfect gothic shoe while still being incredible comfortable. They fit like a glove and I feel like a vampire queen wearing them. My winner is the Rubens!

Fourth match: Malibrans vs. Kathy

Another new comer, the Kathy has quickly become a favorite. I love the vintage flare these shoes give to coordinates. However, these shoes are fairly narrowing and even after stretching them, they pinch my feet by the end of the day. And since I have not one, but two pairs of Malibrans, you can probably guess how I feel about them. The Malibrans are the shoes I reach for the most often, hands down. You can see them in MANY of my coordinate photos because they fit and they look good with everything. My winner is the Malibrans.

The semi finals

First match: Caravaggio vs. Clarks Two Strap

Wow what a heartbreaking match up. The Caravaggios are without a doubt the more beautiful shoe, but they don’t fit quite as well and they’re a little two fancy for all of my coordinates. Moreover, the Clarks have served me well for much longer and cost much less. Even though I don’t think they’re the most beautiful shoe, they’re useful and worn much more often. My winner is the Clarks.

Second match: Malibran vs. Ruben 

Another heartbreaking match up. The Rubens are a stunning shoe that fit like a glove – but my wardrobe just isn’t that gothic. I think they look amazing every time I wear them, but I probably wouldn’t buy them in a second color. The winner is the Malibrans. 

The championship match!

Caravaggio vs. Malibrans 

Wow, it would all come down to these two. I think these shoes represent two things: the lolita I wish I was and the lolita I actually am. The Caravaggios are the stuff of hime classic lolita dreams. The elegant heel and the ribbons make you feel like royalty the second you put them on. However, on a daily basis, I’m definitely more of a casual classic lolita, taking my cues from recent vintage inspired fashion. The Malibrans give coordinates an almost 1950s rather a 1750s feel. For that reason, I think my champion is the Malibrans. 


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