Ghost Girl Goods – Mesh Overdress – Indie Brand Review

On March 17, Canadian indie kawaii brand Ghost Girl Goods opened pre-orders for their mesh overdress. The dress came in straight or puff sleeves in 5 colors, ranging from size medium to 2XL. Though Ghost Girl Goods was a brand I’d heard of before, I’d never ordered from them because they typically make j-fashion pieces for styles other than lolita. This time, though, their overdress looked perfect for my wardrobe!

Fit Questions

Before I ordered, I studied their sizing chart. The size medium would fit me, but I knew that I wanted to wear this dress as an overdress. The size large was significantly bigger than my measurements. Which to choose? I messaged Ghost Girl Goods about my fit questions and I got a response within a few minutes. I was shocked at how speedily they answered, given that they’re a small business in a different time zone than me! Serious props for giving me the answer I needed so quickly. I ended up going with the size large, which was definitely the right call. While the medium would have worked, the bigger size easily fits over the details of my lolita dresses without stretching out too much.


On April 7, 2022, I placed my order with them. They have a simple cart system that was easy to navigate. On April 24, 2022, I received an email that my preorder had shipped. On May 5, 2022, my dress arrived at my home in Los Angeles, California.

My dress arrived in minimal packaging: a plain black plastic mailer, a business card, and the dress. I’m glad because it meant that shipping from Canada was pretty inexpensive.

Puff Sleeve Overdress

I chose the “burgundy” color in size large. The dress was C$70, plus C$15, making it approximately $66 in USD. The dress is made from a sheer, stretchy mesh. The waist and sleeves have generous elastic, ensuring that this dress will fit a variety of people. Mine is the “puffy sleeve” version, so the short sleeves are gathered.  The raw edges are overlocked. There is a small brand tag on one sleeve, which will be visible when the dress is worn.

Is it “loliable?”

While Ghost Girl Goods is a j-fashion brand, they’re not a lolita brand, so I was curious how this piece would work with my lolita wardrobe. The skirt has lots of yardage and looks great with a petticoat under it. It also has a wonderful drape, so tucking it or pinning it adds movement and layers to any coord it’s in. The puff sleeves are also a cute, dainty touch. This means that the dress works as a “blouse” under dresses as well. The one area it falls a little short in is the necklace. The neckline is fairly plain. Using the dress as a blouse means that neck area will be fairly boring without additional accessories. However, this isn’t a criticism of Ghost Girl Good’s product, since this dress is not necessarily manufactured for a lolita audience. It’s obvious comparing this overdress with my Miss Danger overdress that these two brands have different audiences. With that in mind, I’ll probably pair this overdress with pieces that have visual interest at the neckline or with necklaces. I think a choker would look great!

I think sometimes in the rush to build a wardrobe, lolita fashion fans get very focused on main pieces. It can be hard to fill in “basics” or things other than dresses because they’re less exciting. I’m happy to report that this isn’t one of those cases. The burgundy color will go with many of my existing mainpieces and fill in a much needed gap in my wardrobe for a red blouse. I’m genuinely excited to coordinate this piece because the possibilities are really unlimited!

Ghost Girl Goods

You can find Ghost Girl Goods on their website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Tiktok. They’re also vending at conventions in North American this year. Check out their goods in person at the A-kon and Yeticon fashion show.


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