4 reasons to attend your next community swap meet

A few weeks ago my lolita community rented out a community center and held a swap meet. It was the first big meet we’d had in a while. It was also a great excuse to add to my wardrobe! Whether you’re new to the fashion or a veteran, swapmeets are a great event to attend!

You don’t have to rely on shipping to get the items you want.

Let’s face it, every lolita has a least one mail horror story. A package stuck in customs, mail that just never made it to it’s destination, or a tracking number that never updated. With a swapmeet, you get the instant gratification of leaving with a piece in your hand!

Japanese brand for under $70 and no shipping charges? Yes please!

You don’t need to rely on seller’s photos or descriptions to know the condition of the piece you’re getting.

While browsing, this AATP dress for only $20 caught my eye. The seller noted that the dress had extensive damage to the interior boning. I got to look inside the dress to see the damage myself, and determine whether or not it was a project I wanted to take on. The repair looked doable, so I bought it!

It’s a great way to build your wardrobe.

Many sellers at the J.ardsale had a “free” or extremely discounted pile at their table. While most of these pieces were cheap or damaged, if you’re a new lolita, this is a great way to add to your wardrobe. There was definitely one lolita at the J.ardsale accompanied by a parent who walked away with a bag full of goodies from the free pile!

You’ll have a chance to get to know your community in a casual setting.

Classic coordinate for shopping, complete with reusable bag for all my purchases!

COVID has meant that many communities have moved partially or fully online. Long time members may have not seen each other for years. There are also plenty of people who found j-fashion during the pandemic who haven’t had a chance to meet their community. A swap meet has a built in activity (buying and selling used goods) that offers a lot of opportunity to chat with your fellow attendees. Sellers were happy to talk about the history of the items they were selling. Buyers had a chance to gush about pieces they were buying. If you’re anxious about talking to strangers at an event, a swap meet is great icebreaker!


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