5 gift ideas for the gothic lolita in your life

Despite our detailed wishlists and dream dresses, most lolitas have been the victim of well meaning but misinformed gift giving. This year, give your lolita the gift of something they really want.

If you’re a lolita, you can slide this list into the DMs of your sweetheart, send it to your dad in an email, or print out a copy to give to grandma. They’ll get the hint.

These lists are are intended for those who are unsure or a little new to the world of lolita fashion. They also don’t require you to know your lolita’s size or measurements. None of these suggestions will require a shopping service, just a credit card and basic online shopping knowledge.

Gothic lolita

Having trouble determining which substyle your lolita wears? If their closet is mostly black with some red, white, or blue thrown in, their accessories are mostly bats, coffins, and crosses, and their favorite brand is something with a bunch of M’s in the name, they’re probably into gothic lolita! Look for black colors and spooky motifs and they’ll be elated.

(Not your lolita’s style? Try looking at the sweet and classic lists!)

  1. Tea from Petals and Poison – $15 USD

    Most lolitas drink their weight in tea every week, so it’s always a good option. For the gothic lolita, try the Mourning Brews from Petals and Poison. Not only are the teas great, but their haunting packaging is something your lolita can use for storage when they’ve polished off the tin.

  2. Pocket Mirror from Rinnekanzaki – $10 USD

    Looking this good doesn’t happen by accident, so a mirror your lolita can keep in a purse or a pocket is an essential item. With unsettling original art from Rinnekanzaki, these mirrors are a gift your gothic lolita can use without sacrificing their style. (And maybe check out their Black Friday deals!)

  3. Coffin necklace from Puvithel – $66 USD

    Made from semi precious stones, these necklaces will add a touch of foreboding to any of your lolita’s coordinates. (And it’s possible that they also have some Black Friday deals! Starting to see the pattern?)

  4. Carmella Belt from Eat Me Ink Me – $80 USD

    The bright red gems and plush velvet fabric will be a brilliant addition to your gothic lolita’s elegant dresses. While this belt is available through the Lolita Collective (which is having a Black Friday sale too!), you can also find other choices on Eat Me Ink Me’s website. The Lolita Collective will ship from the United States and EMIM will ship from Europe.

  5. Necklace from Mossbadger – $15-30

    Because Mossbadger’s stock is constantly changing, it’s hard to recommend a single item from them, but it’s hard to go wrong witht their haunting portraits or coffin shaped necklaces.

Whatever gift you get for your lolita, know that making effort to understand their style will mean the world to them. This list is only a starting place, so feel free to explore these and other brands for more ideas.  Happy shopping.



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