4 restaurants to visit when you’re in LA for Anime Expo

Anime Expo is the biggest anime convention in North America, which brings in visitors from all over the world. As a full time resident of Los Angeles, I’d be a bad host if I didn’t welcome j-fashion fans to my city with a short tourist guide. Obviously, Los Angeles is a huge city with plenty of stuff to do, but here’s some highlights if you’re into lolita fashion or Japanese culture fan.

Chado Tea Room (Little Tokyo, North Hollywood, or Pasadena)

If you’re in the mood for an inexpensive, pleasant afternoon tea experience, try Chado. With three locations around Los Angeles, it’s pretty easy to snag a table (provided you don’t have a large party). Their tea selection is extensive and their menu is great. While it’s not the most fancy tea I’ve had, it’s a lovely way to spend the afternoon. 

Hello Kitty Grand Café (Irvine)

While the Hello Kitty truck will be visiting Anime Expo, they won’t be serving food. If you really want to have the full experience, there is a permanent café approximately 45 miles south of downtown Los Angeles. In addition to merch, they have sweet treats and fun drinks. It’s totally kawaii. 

Fugetsu-Do Bakery (Little Tokyo, Los Angeles)

Established in 1903, Fugetsu-Do has an incredible selection of Japanese candy that is made in house. If you’re overwhelmed by choice, their staff is also extremely knowledgeable and can help you find a new favorite. (Keep in mind that during Anime Expo, Little Tokyo is likely to be extremely crowded, so plan accordingly). 

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar (Little Tokyo, Los Angeles)

I’m going to level with you – this is not my favorite sushi spot, the most aesthetic spot, or the best deal. However, if you’ve never done it before, conveyor belt sushi is pretty fun. You’re charged by the plate, so at the end of the meal, all your plates go into a slot and you’ll win a prize! (Keep in mind that during Anime Expo, Little Tokyo is likely to be extremely crowded, so plan accordingly).

This is also my little plug for checking out Little Tokyo in general. It’s full of delicious food, one of a kind boutiques, and unique cultural landmarks, including the Japanese American National Museum within easy walking distance of each other. It’s definitely a fun place to spend an afternoon!


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