3 kawaii brands to support during Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15-October 15 marks Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States, a celebration of the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans (and if you’re wondering about the weird date spread, it was chosen to recognize the beginning of the Mexican War of Independence, and the month now encompasses the independence days of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua, Mexico, and Chile!) 

Of course, I have mark the occasion by highlighting US kawaii brands owned by Hispanic/Latino creative people! This list isn’t exhaustive, but hopefully it gives you a starting place in exploring the creativity of our indie designers!

Amour Paris Boutique

Amour Paris Boutique is an Afro-Latina owned lolita clothing and accessory brand. The preorder for their first print, Starlight Diner, ended in September (though you can still find accessories for the series on their website). Not content to sit idly after a successful first dress launch, Amour Boutique is actively working on new releases, including an upcoming blouse and a new print/art collaboration. You can find them on Instagram and on their website.

My Morning Tea

A brand I’ve personally purchased from, My Morning Tea is an Afro-Latina owned kawaii accessory brand. Even if you’re not into alternative j-fashion, their cute accessories are also great for subtle fandom outfits (like seriously check out this Howl’s Moving Castle hair clip!). You can find them at events all over Northern California, including upcoming shows at OKMarketplace on October 21, Harajuku Market on October 29, Anime Destiny on November 5, and of course Ursa Major on December 9! They’re also releasing a “Spooky Collection” today, October 15, so be sure to check it out. You can find My Morning Tea on Instagram and on their website.

Majestik Dream

Based in southern California, Majestik Dream is an accessory and appearel brand with a focus on sweet lolita. Their first original print, “Pan Dulce”, combined the designer’s love of sweet lolita with Mexican sweet bread. The designer for Majestik Dream didn’t set out to create a lolita brand. However, she saw a gap in the market when it came to sweet prints that featured foods beyond just French pastries. Majestik Dream is continuing to experiment with prints and production, so expect more from this brand! You can find Majestik Dream on Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, and on their website. 


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