Indie Brand Review: Boudoir Overdress by Miss Danger

In late June 2021, Russian indie lolita brand Miss Danger announced a preorder for several stunning items. Miss Danger is best known for their opulent dress with luxurious details like embroidery and bead work. This preorder included some of those dresses, but it also included new colors for their “Boudoir” overdress and underskirt.

I desperately want to live a life where I can wear a Miss Danger dress to the grocery store, but my wardrobe is only so big. Their OTT classic/gothic dresses are just not practical for me. However, their overdresses were exactly what I’ve been looking for. I considered making my own for a while, but decided that the yardage involved as just too much for me to handle (ask me about the time I made a petticoat. Now ask me about how I’ll never do that again). In 2020/2021, several brands have put out some overdresses I liked, including Lady Sloth and Baroque. Miss Danger’s overdress was just right though: a little bit extra and it came in ivory.

Order and shipping 

I placed my order for a “Boudoir overdress” via their online shop on July 2, 2021. I received an order confirming my order the same day. The listing had noted that this order was a pre-order, and there would be a 1-2 month manufacturing period.

So imagine my shock when I received an email confirming that my item had shipped on July 8, 2021. On July 16, 2021, my dress arrived at my home in Los Angeles, California. I can only assume that the listing had a typo, because this overdress was clearly in stock and ready to ship!

Boudoir Overdress

Miss Danger lists the measurements as “Free Size” with the caveat that it fits “bust up to 156 cm, waist up to 200 cm”. It also gave the option to write in your waist size if it was larger than 110 cm so they could make the belt longer. Since the overdress was open in the front and easily adjustable, this piece would be a great addition to lolitas of all shapes and sizes.

This dress is made of soft tulle that closes with a self fabric draw string waist. The bottom hem hits well below my knee (I’m 5’4″/ 162 cm). There are multiple layers of tiered ruffles at the neck and hem. The ruffles on the neck were long enough to cover my shoulders, so I styled this as a “blouse”. There is a ton of yardage in this dress, making it great for layering, hiking up for a bustle effect, or just twirling around in.

Definitely adding hook and eye here!

Though the website says that it could be used as a mainpiece, I would definitely recommend safety pins or hooks and eyes to keep it closed. Using it as an underdress, I safety pinned the collar closed to give it a slightly more modest look. I will probably add a hook and eye for ease of use later. For an ero coordinate, this dress would look amazing with cute lingerie or a corset!

The website states, “Dress is made of 10 meters of soft stretch mesh. It’s super fluffy and frilly!” They weren’t kidding! Even with my mightiest petticoats, the layers and layers of tulle can weight down your coordinate. Make sure you have a petticoat up to the challenge. The tulle is left unfinished, though there was no unraveling or rough edges. Using it as an under dress, it didn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

Final Thoughts

I am wildly happy with my purchase of Miss Danger’s Boudoir Overdress. There are so many ways to style this piece. I also cannot believe how fast it shipped! I will be watching Miss Danger in the future and keeping them in mind next time I need to purchase a show stopping piece.

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  1. The tulle mesh seems to be the same or very similar to the one that Lady Sloth used in their overdress, if it\’s a stretch one. And this is such a lush overdress, so much fabric <3

    1. Jenna S says:

      It doesn’t seem like it’s a stretch mesh, but I haven’t seen one of the Lady Sloth overdresses in person. I was super tempted by the Lady Sloth dresses when I saw them, especially the gold!

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