10 costume coordinates for Halloween

 As lolita fashion fans, we spend all year telling people that we’re not wearing a costume. But for those Halloween parties, it’s a little fun to wear our frilly finest and tell the public, yes, this is a costume. Here are 10 ideas for coordinates you may already have in your wardrobe.

 Alice in Wonderland

 Coordinate: Blue dress, white apron, white socks, black shoes, black headband

 You knew she’d make the list. Blue dress, white apron, white socks or tights and black shoes will read “Alice” to most people. Top it off with a black headband and you’re ready to fall into Wonderland.


Coordinate: literally anything, zombie make-up 

My favorite lazy costume, which works for normal clothes too. Put on a coordinate and make yourself look dead. Don’t forget your zombie bite (I like putting on my neck, but you can get creative). Given that this look involves make-up, it might be best to use an inexpensive dress so you don’t get (fake) blood on it.

 Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

 Coordinate: blue dress (bonus points if it’s gingham), white ankle socks, red shoes, two braids.


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If you’re tired of being mistaken for Alice, a pair of red shoes will have people shouting “DOROTHY” instead.  

Bo Beep

Coordinate: white, pink, or blue dress with maximum poof, hard bonnet, shepherd’s staff

There are so many dresses that would work for Bo Beep. I think most sweet lolitas could probably make a Bo coordinate without breaking a sweat. This is a coordinate where you could really pile on the petticoats to make your dress as stuffed as possible and some peeking bloomers would be super cute! A toy sheep or shepherd’s staff will also make it really obvious. 


Coordinate: shiro 

Alas, poor shiro lolitas will know the pain of “are you getting married?” well. For Halloween, just lean in. A veil and white dress will work best, and bouquet is even better. Of course, you can play with “bride” however you’d like. You can add make-up for a “corpse bride”, “zombie bride”, or “ghost bride” look. 


Coordinate: military or nurse dress, anything structured in monochrome, arpon, gloves nurse hat

There are enough nurse themed dresses that this seems like something that many lolitas could probably pull together. The most important part is a nurse hat, which you can get from a Japanese or indie brand. Depending on your preference, you could also incorporate guro (everyone loves a good eyepatch) or mehnera elements to it, but do whatever makes you happiest!


Coordinate: nun dress, black and white coordinate, all of the crosses you can physically fit on your body

My recent trip to the Spirit Halloween store tells me that nuns, priest, and sexy nuns are still very popular costumes, so why not capitalize on that trend? While “nun collar” dresses will work best, any black and white dress with a bunch of crosses will suggest “religious order.”


Coordinate: black dress, flowing sleeves, striped socks, witch hat (this is important)


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One of the easiest on the list because you can wear any dress you’d like, just don’t forget the hat. You can go classic with some striped socks, break out your spookiest print, or drape yourself in gothic accessories, and everyone will get it. 

Red Riding Hood

 Coordinate: monochrome red, bonus points for a red caplet or hoodie

While a country coordinate would be best for Ms. Hood, an all red coordinate with a red cape will make most people think of the fairy tale heroine. You could top off the look with a wicker basket or a stuffed wolf to make it really obvious.


Coordinate: gothic nonsense, vampire teeth


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Similar to the witch coordinate, you can basically wear anything as long as you also have vampire teeth. Atelier Perriot’s lovely flowing dresses, Moite’s Victorian inspired dresses, even a creepy cute outfit with haunting accessories will all help you sell a vampire. 

Are you celebrating Halloween with a costume this year? Let me know what you’re wearing!

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