Bat Wing Manicure

We’re less than two weeks away from Halloween, so I think it’s time to break out the spider webs and bat wings. Here’s a festive nail art tutorial for a bat wing french manicure.


Liner brush

Black polish

Neutral or colorful polish (optional)

Quick dry top coat


  1. Prep your nails as desired. If you’re me, take off 3 week old chipped polish.
  2. Paint your nails a neutral color, like orange. You’ll want something that contrasts with black. Green, purple, white, or yellow are all great choices. Top with a quick dry top coat.
  3. Load up your liner brush with a thick, opaque black. Practice the motion of the scallops of the bat wings on a piece of plastic or paper. It will also help to get your brush into the right shape for those thin lines.

  4. Starting at one corner of your nail, make a scallop from the edge towards the bed of your nail. Each dip should be slightly closer to your nail bed. I aimed for two dips, making three scalops on my nails. End at the other edge of your making one final dip parallel to the edge of your nail.
  5. Even out any imperfections and fill in the outline you’ve created. Top with a quick dry top coat.
  6. Add any other details you’d like. I added some white lines because my other nails were feeling lonely.
  7. If you’re feeling saucy, try your other hand (or don’t, I’m not watching you).

If you want some additional Halloween nail art tutorials, I’ve got more from previous years and a cute pumpkin manicure from this year!

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