What to do with your lolita postcards

I love finding little notes, flyers, and stickers tucked into packages from Japanese and indie lolita brands. Of course, these thoughtful freebies can take up a little more room than we have! When I went through my desk this weekend, I found more stickers, flyers, tags, etc than I’m comfortable admitting. It got me thinking about how I can use my lolita stationary! Ideas like…

Use postcards to decorate your space.

If you’re looking for a way to add a little “lifestyle” to your lolita, you can add some decor in the form of lolita postcards. I have a few framed postcards in the post behind my door where I take coordinate photos. Japanese and indie brands often include beautiful artwork. If you’re like me, you probably have a decent stack to look through and pick your best artwork to display.

Add stickers as a freebie to your sales pile.

I love using lolita specific stationary and stickers as part of my sales packages! If I have them, I write a thank you note as part of my package on brand postcards. I also like to include goodies like candy, stickers, or tea, and Japanese or indie brand stickers make a great addition!

Use postcards for your lolita penpals.

Whether you just reach out to your mutuals on Instagram or you join a group like Lolita Penpals, having some friends to send out snail mail too is a fun, easy way to connect with the larger lolita community. I love using lolita artwork when sending letters out, and brand postcards are a great way to get rid of that stack of print media.

Incorporate tags and postcards into a scrapbook or journal.

Of course, there’s lots of paper that comes with this hobby. Tags, postcards, stickers, tickets, and more can cause a lot of clutter. If you want to keep some of those mementos as a record of your purchases and outings in lolita, you can always tuck them into a scrap book or lolita.

What uses have you found for your lolita postcards?


  1. Lizzy says:

    With the holidays coming up, you can cut up postcards into gift tags!

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