Mushroom Skirt – The Black Ribbon – Indie Brand Review

Readers, I did everything in my power to not walk home with this piece, but it was still available on day two of the Bay Area Kei holiday pop-up shop and now, here we are, reviewing a new mushroom print skirt from the Black Ribbon.

Mushroom Skirt

I have a confession: I have notifications turned on for the Black Ribbon on Instagram. Everytime they post, I get a heads-up. Here’s the thing though: the Black Ribbon consistently puts out pieces that are exactly to my taste. Case and point: when they announced their mushroom skirts for the Bay Area Kei pop-up shop, I commented on the post. However, they were only doing two skirts. I figured my chances of getting one of them was pretty low. Imagine my delight (and horror) when brand owner Halley told me the second I walked into the pop-up, “There’s still a skirt left.”

Details and fit

This skirt is a size 1, which fits up to 32 inch waist. This is my first skirt from the Black Skirt, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The fabric is a thick textured cottonish? blend with scientific illustrations of mushrooms. The print is not original, but a textile the Black Ribbon sourced. The skirt has quarter shirring in the back with a side zipper and a hook and eye closure at the top. The waist band is made of self fabric and and lined with a super comfy linen feeling material. The waist band holds its shape nicely when worn. It is embellished with white cotton crochet lace at the hem and about 4 inches from the bottom of the skirt. It is lined free hanging polyester in light brown.


The skirt fits my 76 cm waist perfectly. Gathering at the waist provides minimal poof for lolita fashion looks. The light weight fabric doesn’t require much petticoat to look great. Of course, the beauty of this skirt is that it gives off “quirky art school teacher vibes”. It wouldn’t get too much attention if you wore it with a t-shirt instead of a fancy blouse or cutsew. The print also lends itself to mori/cottage core looks. Because the print has so many different colors, it would be easy to style with ivory, browns, reds, oranges, or yellows. Heck, I’m tried a green sweater, just for fun.

Treat yourself to clothes that fit

I know I won’t shut up about the Black Ribbon, but it bears repeating! Their items are some of the items I reach for most often in my closet. I know that I won’t have to fix a button, adjust a strap, or make another modification because their clothes just fit. If that’s not your experience wearing lolita (and I know that for many people, it isn’t), treat yourself to one of their pieces. You won’t regret it.

Yes, it has a pocket!

The Black Ribbon can be found on their website, online store, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as hosting events as part of the Bay Area Kei team



  1. Zixizel says:

    I really like that you showed off all the different colours you can put with the skirt – and seconded, I love that with the rise of what I’m going to lump together as “Western indie brands”, I can find stuff that properly fits rather than just gets on my body.

    1. Jenna S says:

      It doesn’t hurt that the shipping time on a brand like the Black Ribbon (who usually resides in my state!) is a lot shorter.

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