5 astonishing things that happened in the lolita community in 2021

2021 continues the trend of “years that defy simple explanation or recaps.” So we’ll just jump right in with the astonishing things that happened this year in the lolita world.

 1. The astronomic rise of second hand sweet prints

I think I’ve probably made it clear at this point, but I’m really not into sweet lolita. But it was hard to miss the crazy prices on second hand items from the “golden era” of sweet lolita prints. In 2021, demand for these prints skyrocketed as many people who had joined the fashion during the pandemic had money to burn. Pearlie Cute’s video on the subject does the topic more just than I can. Suffice to say veteran sweet lolitas were not amused.

2. The Rerelease of Sugary Carnival

In late December 2020, Angelic Pretty announced a MTO of the iconic mid 2000s print Sugary Carnival. Given the rising prices of sweet prints, this rerelease meant that many people could afford to get a dream dress for retail price instead of paying the inflated secondhand prices.

3. The Rerelease (and rererelease) of Iron Gate

Something that some gothic lolitas thought they would never see: the rerelease of the iconic Moi Meme Moitie print Iron Gate in an OP came in July 2021. Then another release came in mid December 2021. While the initial rerelease sold out in a blood bath,  as of writing, all colorways are still avaliable on Wunderwelt’s website. Will the wonders never cease?

4. Meta’s continued domination of the plus size Japanese brand releases

Metamorphose has always been like an eccentric, single aunt who you see at holidays. You’re never quite sure what her deal is, but she has great stories and remembers your birthday, so it’s hard to be mad at her. True to form, Meta’s released 24 dresses this year which have included some of their much beloved (and hotly debated) leopard print dresses.

Not content to just stop with weird prints, they’ve released 24 dresses in plus size (with bust measurements up to 140 cm and waist measurements up to 125 cm). But they didn’t stop there! They also released 6 dresses in plus plus size (with bust measurements up to 155 cm and waist up to 141 cm), available exclusively for buyers outside Japan. If you want some in depth reviews of these releases, check out YouTuber Ellie Vyra’s channel for Strawberry Garden Frill and Hidden Princess in My Memories.  While there’s still work to be done (since lolitas with bust measurements over 140 only got 6 releases from a mainstream Japanese brand), it’s clear that Meta has discovered the appetite that their fans have for plus size pieces.

5. Whatever’s going on Tiktok

I’ll be honest guys, I don’t get Tiktok and I’m kind of scared of it. Between stories of Black women getting deplatformed for using the word kawaii to people insisting that their Amazon replica of a Mary Magdalene dress is totally lolita, it seems like sort of a nightmare place. The only word I can think of to describe it is “astonishing.” I’ll let you guys handle that yourselves. Good luck. 



  1. Lizzy says:

    TikTok seems like a lawless place lol! Also love seeing some plus size options. I watched the linked reviews by Ellie Vyra and they were so fun and informative!

    1. Jenna S says:

      It’s a shame that more Japanese brands don’t offer plus size options, but Meta is killing it. Ellie Vyra’s reviews are crazy detailed and she’s reviewed a ton of brands this year!

  2. dearie_dawn says:

    I finally gave in and bought a sugary carnival op! I regretted not buying it when sweet print isn’t so popular few years ago 🙁 . A lot of my gothic lolita friends also bought the iron gate re-release, I’m happy for them because they can finally own the icon MmM print!

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