Not my wardrobe: 2021 EGL brand releases from Innocent World and Moi Meme Moitie

If I were a normal person, this blog would be doing a wardrobe post. I’m not, so instead you get a look at all the releases from 2021 from AP, Baby, Innocent World, Moitie, and Meta. If you’d like to see the data, you can check out my Google Sheet here.

There’s a lot of info to go through, so I’m breaking this up into a few different blog posts. Up next: Innocent World and Moi Meme Moitie.

Disclaimers and caveats: I do not own most of these pieces and cannot guarantee the sizing information is accurate. I may have missed items that weren’t in Lolibrary

Method: I entered every item in Lolibrary from 2021 in the OP, JSK, and skirt categories. I excluded sets, and instances where a single release had multiple colors with separate entries. I copied the name of the item, the measurements, the price, and the link exactly as it appeared in Lolibrary. In cases of obvious error, I looked up the specific info on the brand’s website. 

Innocent World

Total pieces released: 20

JSK: 18

OP: 2

Skirt: 0

Lowest price: ¥27,280

Highest Price: ¥45,980

Average: ¥34,761 (removing the obvious outliers)

Innocent World is the only brand that regularly releases more than one size for its pieces. Given that their pieces tend to rely on tailoring rather than shirring to achieve their shape, it makes sense that their pieces are released in more than one size. However, almost universally their size L maxes out at 99 cm bust and their waist waxes out at 76 cm. Only 2 pieces had busts larger than 100 cm and 2 pieces with waists over 80 cm. Innocent World also generally has a higher price point than Baby or AP, but they don’t have the same specialty expensive dresses, so their average price is pretty close to Baby. 

Innocent World also announced this week that they’re closing their physical flagship store, which is disappointing to hear. The pandemic has been hard on a lot of the small brands that make up the lolita community and clearly IW is no exception. However, given that they had no options for EMS shipping during the pandemic (without a shopping service) and their limited options in sizing, IW isn’t as appealing as other brands that are clearly cartering to an audience outside Japan. I love Innocent World, but I haven’t bought one of their new releases in a long time because of shipping restrictions, sizing limitations, and lack of interest in their designs. I hope that the new year brings more releases I’m excited about!


Total pieces released: 8

JSK: 3

OP: 5

Skirt: 0

Lowest price: ¥12,100

Highest Price: ¥49,500

Average: ¥30,113 (removing the obvious outliers)

With the exception of the rerelease of Iron Gate, MMM’s releases their year are pretty unimpressive. Two of their releases were cutsew OPs, which isn’t what the average lolita is looking for. Moitie does get points for having more than one size for their garments. They also have more than 50% of their pieces with a bust larger than 100 cm and similar numbers for a waist over 80 cm. Their average price point is lower than Baby’s and Innocent World, but higher than APs. I don’t think there’s whole lot more to be said except I hope they find a designer who can breath more life into this iconic brand. 

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