2022 EGL Wardrobe Challenge

January is “Wardrobe Month” for fans of lolita fashion. It’s also Bibliotheca’s theme for this month! The tradition started on livejournal with members of the EGL livejournal group posting photos of their wardrobes in the month of January. Lolitas still post their wardrobes in scattered places across the internet. I applaud everyone who does this (I’ve been enjoying everyone’s posts!) but I just don’t have the patience for it. Instead, here’s a wardrobe challenge that’s been circling Instagram!

EGL Wardrobe Challenge

Oldest main piece

The piece that I’ve had in my closet longest is the brown colorway of the Innocent World Constance JSK. I don’t really keep track of how old some of my pieces are, but my Cornet JSKs might be the oldest in my wardrobe!

Most common theme

My wardrobe is pretty heavily classic, so probably florals! I have floral dresses, accessories, headpieces, socks…just about everything. 

Most outside of your style

I like to think my wardrobe is pretty cohesive, but maybe my Leur Getter dresses? They’re a little sweeter than I’m used to.

Piece everyone owns

Otome Nostalgia by Violet Fane! It seems like everyone and their mother got this piece, but it’s easy to see why!

Most obscure piece

This unknown Cornet JSK I got in two colors from the same auction. I’ve never seen anything else quite like it and it’s not in Lolibrary. 

Most versatile piece

The same Cornet JSK. In black and red, these pieces do so much work in my wardrobe!

Most comfy piece

These Innocent World cutsew OPs (I have them in blue and Ivory). With their cotton jersey fabric and comfy waist make them the most comfy. 

Most visibly worn piece


Probably my cotton old school Baby blouse! It works so well for all kinds of looks. A new front runner is this offbrand sweater from Anthropologie brand Leifsdottir. I love using it as a blouse. 

Shortest piece

This AP cutsew OP. I don’t know how the AP stans do it! At 5’4”, I’m always scared of flashing my bloomers. 

Longest piece

My I Do Declare Goll dress. Just past my knees, but still super cute. 

Best pocket

My Victorian Maiden inspired Halloween skirt, which has two pockets because I made it!

Item you repaired

This magenta Innocent World dress had some major holes when I got it, and they only got bigger with time. I had to do some visible mending to repair

Item you handmade

I’ve made a handful of pieces in my wardrobe, so I guess I’ll pick a favorite. The Victorian Maiden inspired skirt made from Halloween fabric (you see it under “Best Pocket” above). 

Item you overpaid for

No item stands out to me. I tend to buy new pieces from indie brands and buy secondhand only when I find a good deal. 

Item you got for free

The Black Ribbon knew that I had a sample of the Naturalist JSK that I modeled in a fashion show for them. A few years later, I mentioned on Instagram that I regretted not getting it’s matching flower crown. The next time I placed an order with them, the flower crown was in my package!

Item that was hardest to obtain

Rosy Night’s Masquerade! I searched for it for months before I found it in the color and price I wanted. 

Item you got from a weird place

These Demonias came from shopgoodwill.com. They were $30, barely used and with their original box. 

Unexpectedly good quality item

This Infanta blouse was an inexpensive wardrobe filler, but the elaborate collar is surprisingly delicate and detailed. 

Unexpected bad quality item

A blouse I had custom made that did not fit when I received it. I was so disappointed. 

Longest name item

Alice and the Pirate’s Rosy Night’s Masquerade. 

Item you own many cuts/colors of

I have two of the Innocent World cutsew OPs and two of the Cornet JSKs, so it’s tied between those two. 

Most “Normie” passing item

I wore Innocent World Constance JSK at work on several occasions, so probably this!

Item worn not as intended

My Miss Danger overdress worn as a bustle!

Secret ita item

Probably my striped socks. In my defense, I only use them during the month of October!

Very lovely design detail

The handmade alterations on my Victorian Maiden JSK. I love that someone loved this dress enough to modify it (and now it fits me!)

Very stupid design detail

The buttonholes on the back of the Rosy Night’s Masquerade are vertical and constantly come undone. My dresses with horizontal button holes stay together much better.

A delicate item

My Baby sheer chiffon blouse. 

A sentimental item

The Naturalist JSK from the Black Ribbon is the sample dress I wore in Fanime’s fashion show in 2019. I liked it so much I bought it after the fashion show!

Try to coord all of your favorite things to see if they match

I don’t have any particular favorites in my wardrobe (I try to keep only things I love), but they definitely don’t match!

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