Fantastic Grim – Indie Brand Review

In February, the United States recognizes Black History Month, a celebration of the triumphs and acknowledgment of the hardship faced by Black Americans. J-fashion is full of Black fans and artists who make our community vibrant. If you haven’t yet found a Black owned indie brand to support this month (and every month), look no further than Buttcape’s lists of Black owned kawaii and gothic brands. 

My style definitely leans more towards classic lolita or vintage inspired lolita. While vintage boutiques and thrift stores are pretty handy for my accessories, I sometimes feel a little frustrated by the selection of “kawaii” brands. While I objectively recognize that they are cute, “kawaii” resin jewelry or plastic accessories just aren’t my style. So I was delighted when I found Fantastic Grim on Buttcape’s giant list. 

Fantastic Grim

Fantastic Grim is a Black owned accessory brand with pieces that reflect historical and fantastical themes. Their Etsy calls  their pieces as “fashion flexible”, a description that is perfect for their style.

Ordering and Shipping

I placed my order through Etsy on Wednesday, January 26. On Friday, January 28, I received a notification that my order had shipped. On Monday, Jan 31, my order arrived to my home in Los Angeles. Less than a week from order to package in hand is pretty remarkable!

My package arrived in a smaller padded mailer. My pieces were tucked inside my printed order in small plastic jewelry bags. The minimal packaging was fine because these pieces spoke for themselves.

Queen’s Bronze

Piece #1 was a bronze crown bracelet. I’ve been looking for a piece like this for some time to go with my Wax Poetic brooch and necklace, as well as to go with Grazia Crown. All the pieces are metal, giving the bracelet a nice weight and drape. I love the toggle closure, which is much easier for me to manage on my own than a lobster claw. The piece also came with a jewelry care card.

Bracelet from Fantastic Grim, necklace and brooch from Wax Poetic

Simplicity Seaside Necklace

Piece #2 was a seaside resin necklace in a gold frame on a gold chain. The resin cast pieces burst through the frame, giving the piece lovely dimensionality. It is going to go perfectly with my Adela, Arista, And Aquata skirt from Cloudberry Lady. While I have many ocean themed pieces in my jewelry collection, I love that this one evokes a sort of Victorian naturalist vibe without feeling too academic.

Fantastic Grim will definitely appeal to the classic lolita looking to get accessories for specific themes in their wardrobe. Moreover, their prompt shipping and excellent quality are guarantees that I’ll be back for more.

You can find Fantastic Grim on Etsy, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter



  1. Oh boy, I didn\’t know I neededt hat crown bracelet until now…

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