JBTK: A La Carte issue Review

On Saturday, June 11, issue 4 of the indie j-fashion zine Just Below the Knee: A La Carte edition, was released in digital and print form. The print version  of JBTK debuted at Paradiso, the final installment of the lolita focused convention. I’ve contributed writing to every issue so far, including this one, but I’ve got to say, each issue keeps getting better.

 As a contributor, I received a digital issue of the JBTK zine the day it came out. The PDF is in full color. The food issue is 68 pages long. The zine is filled with coordinate shots, original illustrations, comics, interviews, and original writing.

On the menu

One of the goodies in this issue was a recipe from EGLTreats, a baking duo who you may know from virtual events hosted by Bay Area Kei and Rose Foret. I love that their recipe includes personal commentary, including minor substitutions and places where the chef can really make the dish their own. The JBTK editorial team also interviewed the pair, discussing their inspiration for creating their brand and snacks! Their themed cooking videos feature aesthetic treats perfect for a tea party or just a “treat yourself” snack.

I also loved some of the art that was contributed to this issue. A particular favorite was a “sweet” and “savory” lolita illustration and a reminder that eating burgers is kawaii too!

Today’s specials

 Of course, I have to talk about my own work too. My contribution to JBTK was a short work of fiction called “Radioactive Cupcake Disaster” about a disastrous first meet-up. When I was writing it, I was inspired by the way that food can bring us together, and tell stories. So many of our meet-ups revolve around food, so I wanted to find a way to have food create conflict…and also bring people together. I hope it makes you cringe and then smile!

While we no longer have new issues of GLB, there are still writers, artists, and photographers who are putting together j-fashion publications. Whether you’re browsing the digital issues of the Comm, eyeing the upcoming book from R.R. Memorandum, or you know, supporting JBTK, I hope you support the creators who are making things now!

Order up!

 JTBK issue 4 is available on their KoFi for $2. The print version is available on their Store Envy. You can also find back issues in both digital and physical form. You can just try a bite of this zine for free. Issue 1 is available on Kofi for pay what you want! If you’re a creator interested in contributing to their zine, make sure to follow them on social media, including their Facebook and Instagram


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