My 5 Favorite Things from 2022

As usual, the end of the year is coming in fast and I’m reflecting on the last year in EGL fashion. Bay Area Kei’s Bibliotheca prompt for December is “favorite things” and what a better way to end the year than with a blog post sliding in right under the finish line.

Hosting my first panels

Even with six years of EGL fashion wearing experience, I still feel like a beginner in many ways. There are times when conversations will turn to the early days of the fashion and I will feel completely lost. But this year, I decided to use my knowledge to host three panels: two in person at Fanime in San Jose, and one virtually as part of Rose Foret.  I’m definitely doing more, including a panel January 7 at Anime Los Angeles.

Attending my community’s Halloween tea

Nothing very deep here, but it was fun to be a spooky gothic mob descending on a tea house that normally serves baby showers and bridal parties.  

Modeling in the Fanime 2022 Elegant Fashion Show

I had the chance to model for the Black Ribbon in 2019, but canceled in person conventions meant that I didn’t get a chance to apply again until this year. I was determined to make sure that everyone chatted and mingled with each other in my group, so I brought board games we played while we waited for the show to start. Hanging out back stage with the other models, designers, and photographers was a lot of fun and I have some wonderful memories of that weekend. 

Connecting with indie brands

I think if you spend even a few minutes on my blog it’s clear that I love independent designers. From following their releases on Instagram or Facebook to connecting with designers at conventions and events, I think that supporting smaller creators comes with an intimacy you just can’t get with larger brands. This year I got to sit in on a Q&A with indie designers like, Sudi Bear and Nerdy Bit, at Fanime and it was my third year pulling together a Black Friday Kawaii Round-up. Plus, every day I learn about new designers and brands from all over the world, like the discovery of Italian brand Tomoyo’s Atelier

Hearing from people who enjoy my content

Maybe this sounds a little self absorbed but I’m always genuinely touched when people tell me that they read my blog or enjoy my videos. Given the wide world of the Internet, I know that there are so many pieces of media competing for your attention. So if you dropped a comment, saved a video, or told me in person that you thought what I did was neat, thank you! It means more than you know.  

What were your favorite things from 2022?

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