Txarra Otsoa Originals order – Indie Brand Review

One of the most delightful parts of loving independent brands in lolita fashion is that they’re often willing to take on projects just for you! I’ve been following US accessory maker Txarra Otsoa for some time but they recently posted some new work that caught my eye. Their pieces had a regal, delicate air that really spoke to me. I had to have one!


On July 11, 2023, I messaged Txarra Otsoa Originals on Instagram about a piece they’d advertised and that was for sale on Etsy. Because I like to style my accessories in clusters, I asked if they could make a matching ring. They got back to me quickly and said they’d mess around with some prototypes and see what they could come up with. We exchanged a few messages about design choices and by July 20, we had a design we both liked. The designer put a personal Etsy listing up and I placed my order on July 21, 2023. My package was delivered to Los Angeles on July 24, 2023.

My package came in a metallic padded mailer. Inside there was a small cardboard box, which contained a dainty mesh bag, which was wrapped in tissue paper. This package was well wrapped!

The goods

My choker has two strands of beads that connect in the middle at the center piece pendant. The pendant is a resin topped cabochon that has decorative edges, pearls hanging from the bottom, and a fabric bow at the top. It is adjustable with a lobster clasp in the back.My ring is not a perfect match (which I knew before I purchased). The ring is adjustable. It is the same cabochon with a different piece of art under the resin. It is topped with a fabric bow. I also received a small gift/experiment, which was a small resin pin. The brooch has two post pins and locking pin backs.

First impressions

The materials used for this piece impressed me. It’s always a little disappointing to find that chains or other materials are plastic made to look like metal. These pieces have a pleasant heft to them and a pleasing little jingle when they move. I suspect that the designer made these pieces with sweet or hime lolita in mind, but I think they’re going to go great with classic coordinates.

This whole interaction served as a good reminder that many small designers are happy to do custom pieces. Don’t be afraid to ask if there’s an item or color you want from them!

Where to find them

You can find Txarra Otsoa Originals on Instagram, Tiktok, and Etsy


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